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Nice to meet you.
I'm Viktória Vincze. Business Coach with a decade-long experience in the world of Shared Services and Business Support Centers. I love supporting talents, future and current leaders of SSCs to discover more choices and make their best decisions to brighten up their career.
Robert Vincze
I passionately believe in the power of decisions. Once you make your choice and believe
in yourself, you will succeed!
What I do?
I specialise in personal development, career growth, self- and team motivation, burnout and engagement, team dynamics, effective networking and increasing visibility.
I enjoy working with leaders, professionals and new starters, who want to see what's it in for them working in a multinational business environment and are keen on discovering new ways of maximising their personal and professional potential.
As a coach I take a positive and practical, yet ambitious approach to your career growth that will help you challenge yourself. On the way- possibly out of your comfort zone -, we will use a wide range of creative tools and technics.
A session with me is 1.5 hrs long, could be a face to face meeting or an online meeting.
Have you ever heard yourself saying...?
I have been in my current role for 2 years.
Should I change? - Career planning
I don't have time for networking...
- Time management
There is nobody I could delegate to...
- Delegation
How could I get the team to be more proactive?
- Motivation
Used to be peers, now I'm the boss.
- First 90 days support
Don't want to login from home...
- Work life balance
I want to do something more creative.
- Career change
The people survey results surprised me.
- People management
I don't want to spend my life in an office, I would like to do
something completely different! - Career change
My direct reports are too juniors...
- People management
I have been a team leader for years, I would like
to be promoted. - Career planning
One of my team members is not performing, I need
to take action. But how? - Performance management
I don't feel the partnership with stakeholders - they are demanding,
we are supporting ... How to step up? - Stakeholder management
Hard to say no to my managers/business partners?
- Assertive communication
If you are facing a decision that you should make or something is bugging you and you need a broader
view of your situation why not contact me? These are some examples of my favourite topics!
Do you know the feeling when you don't notice that you are smiling to yourself?
This is how I feel before and after a coaching session!
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Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize
their personal and professional potential
- ICF definition
In my words this means, that if you partner with me, you can expect to:
If you want to see what coaching is like, email me
My background in a nutshell
I have worked for eleven years in multinational business environment - Shared Service Centers such as IBM, Vodafone, Ecolab, Canon.
For six years I was leading teams ranging from 3 to 55 employees. My fields were Supply Chain, Procurement, Accounts Payable, Master Data, Customer Service, Transition and Project Management. I really enjoyed all the craziness of that challenging and ever changing environment.
I loved to learn and experience everything new and of course
made all the mistakes that was possible!
And yes. Sometimes I also had the feeling that all the expectations from business partners, senior managment and direct reports are just too much. I felt being overwhelmed and never on time. Still... loved the dynamic atmosphere of the Shared Service Centers!
How I got into coaching?
Both as a team member and leader I have always enjoyed those moments when someone approached me with a work-related or career problem. Conversations around topics like how to be yourself, how to find the win-win solution or how to stay motivated were always my favourites.
As a fan of soft skill trainings. I have always had a passion for learning about motivation, time management, intercultural communications...etc. Then one day, during a training about leadership styles, it hit me:
I am a leader, who is managing as a coach. Vow. C O A C H .
That was the time when I started to read and dream about coaching. Soon completed online courses and classroom trainings and got certified also by ICF / International Coach Federation.
Robert Vincze
A few more things about me
If I'm out in the forest, up on a hill or mountain, I feel the real freedom and creativity. Despite the fact that I am a certified trekking guide, I have a special talent for getting totally lost. Lucky to live in a part of Hungary where the hills are just out of the window.
Learner & Reader
I love the process of learning, especially if it's about to be my better self: better leader, better skier, better cooker, better listener. Reading is my passion from the age of six. Novels, documentary, history, psychology are the favourites. Learning never ends!
I have two wonderful daughters who enjoy making my days upside down and always ready to push me out of my comfort zone.
Finnish speaker
Though I'm hungarian, I love the Finnish language and people, lived in Finland (in The Netherlands, France and Belgium as well).
Robert Vincze
My references
In few words: Wise, Experienced, Enthusiastic. And Honest. A powerful source of Energy. Thanks to Professionality combined with her lovely and empathic personality she is always able to reach people deep inside, helping to open doors and to show possibilities people might never considered before. I feel glad having Viki in my network, she is my primary source when I am looking for some great wisdoms.
Zsuzsanna Orbán
Sourcing lead
Citibank Hungary
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